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777 Annual Prize for shopping:

Every time you spend $1.00 buying from Openstudio (from my Web site, Ebay or My Etsy Shop), I will give you 1 point. The first person who arrives to 777 points during the current year (now, 2007) will receive the annual prize posted for this game. Immediately thereafter, I will post another picture for the second person who reaches the same level of points, and so on. The same person can win as many times as she/he arrives being the first with 777 points towards that prize.
Please remember to check my site frequently and to take care of your points, since you are the one that has to exchange those points emailing me and letting me know if you are interested in the prize. The prize will go to the first person that emails me for the exchange of points towards the posted annual prize. As long as you have 777 points in the same year, you will always be able to exchange them for the annual prize. Prizes may be claimed only during the current year for the Annual Prize...

And now..., the first 777 Annual Prize for 2007!!

click to enlarge!


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